Nerds&Makers is a community of Nerds and Makers (duh). It is a place to showcase cool projects, to promote makers, to find inspiration, to teach, to learn and most importantly to connect with other makers and like-minded individuals. It's about the fearless passion of being a nerd, the overwhelming urge to create something with your hands, the fun of cosplay, the satisfaction of good code, the joy of comics, the love of movies. It's the intersection of nerd and maker culture. It's you.

Making is a pretty broad subject, and that's the point. Makers are those that see a need, and aren't satisfied in waiting for someone else to fill that need. It isn't just about making sawdust and using filament, it's about using your imagination, your hands and your mind to make something from nothing. It's programming, it's woodworking, it's prop building, it's music composition and an endless list of things that don't exist yet, and the brave individuals that won't let that stand in their way.

Being a nerd is also subjective. Do you collect comics? Do you role-play?Can you name every X-men? Congratulations, you're a nerd...in the classic definition, for some vague reason. Our definition is "fearless passion", a way of recognizing your intense love of something, and not letting the "rules" of society constraining you from displaying that. Wearing that obscure sci-fi character shirt, playing Dungeons & Dragons right there in school, camping in line for the latest Star Wars movie. Making the pilgrimage to San Diego Comic-Con. You say to the world "I love this and I'm not afraid to show it".

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The Team


Tommy Williamson - Founder

Tommy is a 30 year veteran of the motion picture industry, having worked on such features as Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, Furious 7, Addam's Family and Pan's Labyrinth. He's also the founder of BrickNerd, a LEGOcentric multimedia company. He created Nerds&Makers to share his interests beyond the bricks and to form a community. Tommy is a consummate maker, having worked with his hands to create something from nothing all his life.


The Brain Trust

A trusted group of individuals from a wide swath of disciplines. To ensure Nerds&Makers is built from more than one perspective, we've invited these people to help shape the community.


Peter Abrahamson - Animatronic engineer, producer of Battlebots

Peter is a builder of animatronic puppets and robots. His work includes movies such as "Men in Black II", "Hellboy" and "I Robot".  Peter also competed in Robot Wars, Battlebots, and Sozbots and judged Robogames. Currently he designs industrial robotics and is a producer on Discovery’s BattleBots. Peter has had the benefit  of working in many Special Effects shops, Spectral Motion, Rick Baker’s Cinovation, The Jim Henson Creature Shop, ADI, Alterian Studios, to name a few. Currently Peter works at Applied Invention, a research and development firm, where he designs  and builds Human Interface Devices, cameras, and industrial robots for police use and bomb disposal as well as is working on the “10,000 Year Clock”. Peter has also continued his love of robot combat by becoming a producer on the ABC iteration of “BattleBots” and currently on the Discovery Channel latest season of “BattleBots”.  But even with his busy schedule he still finds time to work on small puppet projects with The Spirit Cabinet, on “The Narrative of Victor Karloch”, “The Mill at Calder’s End”, and currently working on “The Haunted Swordsman”.


Brad Herman - Co-Founder and CTO of SPACES, a Location Based Virtual Reality Company

Brad was born a poor hedgehog in the mean streets of Philadelphia. He got better.