JuiceClips (22mm) for Oculus Go. Compatible with FuelRod™

JuiceClips (22mm) for Oculus Go. Compatible with FuelRod™


Immerse yourself longer with these clips and any 22mm cell like the FuelRod™.

Tired of running out of juice on your Oculus Go? Don’t want to be tethered to an bulky battery or an outlet? This is the perfect solution! Using these clips you can attach the light weight and compact 22mm rechargeable cell like a FuelRod™. Simply snap the clips to your headset, attach the cell and connect the cable. It’s so light you can barely tell it’s there! Sold in pairs.

For more information on FuelRod™ visit www.fuel-rod.com

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Please note, the user guide for Oculus Go states “Do not use or wear your headset while connected to the power adapter or charging”, do so at your own risk.